Benefit from license program that allows customers to pay only for the software used by their end users at any given moment.

SPLA allows the end user to save funds, as the minimum SW rent period is one month.

The program enables low risk, requiring no forecasting, up-front costs or commitments.

Flexible, month-to-month licensing and payment

Latest version rights on software

No upfront commitment

Licenses under SPLA are non-perpetual and available in two models:

Per User (SAL)
Provides a Subscriber Access License (SAL), which must be supplied to every user or device in order to access software. There is no need for a separate Server License with this model.
Per Processor/Core (CPU/Core Licence)
Enables an unlimited number of end users to use the software running on a single processor or CPU Cores.

Most commonly used licences

  • License
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2 Standard (per CPU) 21,00 € / month
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2 Datacenter (per CPU) 142,00 € / month
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard (2x CoreLic, min. 8x CoreLic) 5,00 € / month
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Datacenter (2x CoreLic, min. 8x CoreLic) 35,00 € / month
  • Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Services (per User) 5,00 € / month
  • Microsoft Office Standard (per User) + Win RDS Lic 19,00 € / month
  • Microsoft Office Professional (per User) + Win RDS Lic 24,00 € / month
  • Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition (2x CoreLic, min. 4x CoreLic) 12,00 € / month
  • Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition (2x CoreLic, min. 4x CoreLic) 160,00 € / month
  • Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition (2x CoreLic, min. 4x CoreLic) 610,00 € / month
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Small (up to 4vCPU) 38,00 € / month
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux Large (more than 4vCPU) 84,00 € / month