ENA Cloud

Launch Linux or Windows instances in seconds!
Build a true cloud environment for your apps, development, testing or production with dynamically configurable resources.
You choose how much vCPU, RAM and Storage you assign to your instances to best fit your individual server needs.

All of the virtual server resources are configurable and expandable so you can change them with a few clicks from our intuitive Cloud Web Interface.

Use the slider to configure the amount of resources you need for your Cloud Environment and launch as many servers as you need whenever you need them.

Available Operating Systems:

centos ubuntu debian fedora windows
Unlimited Reboot and OS reinstalls via the Control Panel

The Control Panel gives you a detailed overview of your Instances

Control Panel / VNC / RESTful API / Root access

Control Panels
Webmin / ISP Config / cPanel / Plesk


Cloud Small

8vCPU - 16vCPU
200GB HDD - 500GB HDD


Cloud Medium

16vCPU - 32vCPU
500GB HDD - 1000GB HDD


Cloud Large

32vCPU - 64vCPU
1000GB HDD - 2000GB HDD

  • Cloud Small
  • 84,00 € monthly
  • CPU vCPU
  • IPv4 x IPv4
  • IPv6 /64 subnet Free
  • Location
  • Traffic Unlimited
  • Virtualization KVM
  • Order now
ENA Cloud Control Panel
  • Bandwidth 1Gbit
  • Reverse DNS record Free
  • Extra IP 2 € monthly
  • Extra IPv6 Free
  • Webhosting Panel Plesk Web Admin edition - 10 domains | 5 € monthly
    Plesk Web Pro edition - 30 domains | 10 € monthly
    Plesk Web Host edition - Unlimited domains | 15 € monthly
    cPanel VPS Optimized - Unlimited domains | 15 € monthly
  • Monitoring & Alerting Available
  • Support / Priority Support Ticket system read more
  • SLA 99,95% (uptime, conectivity, power, cooling)

ENA Cloud Features

99,95% Uptime

We guarantee 99,95% availabilty for server uptime, network connectivity, power and cooling thanks to our network and virtualization platforms and the datacenter infrastructure

Cost effective

A VPS is a cost effective solution for those who dont need the resources of a dedicated server so you can benefit from the shared resources at a fraction of the cost

Backup & Snapshot

Cloud VPSs come with a fully managed snapshot feature as well as a backup solution that will fit your specific needs for retention and frequency

Ready in minutes

Our Linux and Windows servers are deployed within minutes. You select the parameters that you require and we deploy your order instantly so you can start working without delays

No hardware management

Thanks to virtualization technology, you dont have to manage any hardware for your server. We run the physical servers so you can focus on building and running your application or website

Management Panel

We provide management panels for your front and back end access to your server. You can manage your vps and your content with Plesk or cPanel and control your server with our Control Panel