ENAHOST provides businesses and individuals cloud infrastructure, Virtual and Dedicated Servers, Storage and Network services that enable organizations run their operations in the cloud

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Virtual Server

We offer different virtual server platforms to provide our customers with more choices that suit their individual requirements such as stability, budget, scalability.

Virtual Server VMware Virtual Server KVM

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Dedicated Server

Take advantage of professional and innovative server hosting services and choose reliable and powerful dedicated servers.

Dedicated Server

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High Availability

Tier III Datacenter, Redundant Network and Cloud Virtualization ensure uninterrupted service

Managed Service

Professional Solution design and dedicated support that enables your business at a price you can afford


Professional team of engineers provide quick and efficient support for all our services seven days a week


From the heart of Europe experience fast connectivity and low latency to all surrounding countries and beyond


Multi-homed connectivity and Cisco based infrastructure provide a solid platform for internet access

Powerful Control Panels

Powerfull panels provide an easy management interface for virtual and dedicated servers

Do you need a solution that is not mentioned above?

Our System Architects are here to help you design together a custom solution to fit your individual requirements

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