Improve the quality of services and reduce operating costs by avoiding downtime.

Monitor Everything

    • Secure user authentication
    • Web-based interface
    • Flexible e-mail notification of predefined events
    • High-level (business) view of monitored resource
    • Audit log
    • Very easy setup and simple configuration process ensures easy installation on servers
    • Highly efficient agents for UNIX and Windows (x32, x64,Itanium)
    • Centralized monitoring system allows to store all information (configuration and performance data) in relational database for further easier processing and re-use of data
    • Built-in rich visualization capabilities allow to work with your data faster and smarter
    • Built-in housekeeping procedures allow to keep your data organized well
    • Create Network Maps for Overview monitoring
    • Smartphone Application for Monitoring on the Go!
    • Checking intervals from 1min
    • Agent , Agentless, SNMP & IPMI Monitoring
    • Unlimited Email Alerts on predefined events
    • Monitor Web Sites performance & Uptime
    • Unlimited Historical records
    • SMS alerting (extra costs involved)