Firewall as a Service

The Firewall service will allow you to protect your host(s) from attacks and secure your services from unwanted visitors

If you require site to site vpn and/or client vpn access then the dedicated firewall is the best choice.
With the shared firewall option, top open or close ports and IPs, you need to open a ticket with Support but with the dedicated version you have direct access to the firewall web interface (through vpn) and can manage rules directly.

  • Throughput 100 Mbit
  • Including VPN (IPSec & OpenVPN)

  • Shared FW 15,00 € / month
  • Dedicated FW 30,00 € / month
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  • Throughput 1 Gbit
  • Including VPN (IPSec & OpenVPN)

  • Shared FW 50,00 € / month
  • Dedicated FW 100,00 € / month
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