Loadbalancer as a Service

When a significant load of traffic or cpu load is too much for a single host, or high availability is needed then you need a load balancer.

Web Server HA with Load Balancer

Load Balancer Real Life Scenario

As in the scenario depicted here, the load is distributed evenly between 3 different web servers. If one becomes unavailable, the LB will automatically remove it from the pool and direct the traffic to the remaining available members, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Nodes can be web or database servers inside or outside our infrastructre

Add as many nodes as you need

Round Robin and Sticky Session algortihms are supported

  • Loadbalancing 100Mbit
  • 100Mbit/1IP 100,00 € / month
  • +1IP 15,00 € / month
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  • Loadbalancing 1Gbit
  • 1Gbit/1IP 500,00 € / month
  • +1IP 15,00 € / month
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