Protect your DATA with a back up service

Securing your data is essential for your business.

We offer 3 different services to meet your needs and provide you with a cost effective scalable solution


    FTP backup allows you to upload your files to our FTP server and retrieve them at any time

  • 0,10 €GB / monthly

    (Increments of 50GB)

  • Features

    You can connect to our FTP server and upload/download any files from your VPS.

    Works only from your VPS IP address and not accessible from the Internet.
    Easily upgradeable if you require more space for your data.

    Schedule a task to backup your files on a regular interval directly from your VPS Operating System without expensive backup software.

    Works with XVPS and WVPS platform VM servers
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    A snapshot is an image of the server with the current configuration

  • 5,00 €monthly


  • Features

    Save the state of your VPS before a major change that you are uncertain of the outcome. If it fails, you can revert to the snapshot and have a working vm with almost no downtime.

    From VMT, simply click on the SNAPSHOT button and wait a few moments. The snapshot is created.

    You can take as many snapshots as you like but make sure you have deleted the previous one.

    Works with XVPS and WVPS platform VM servers

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    Virtual Machine Image backup is a copy of the virtual machine stored on our SAN servers

  • 0,08 €GB / monthly

    (Increments of 100GB)

  • Features

    When you need the best protection for your data, this is the option to choose.

    We backup your VPS image to our SAN storage (different from the one it is running) on a predefined frequency and retention.
    Daily backups for up to 7 days retention (depending on the space you purchase)
    Restores in minutes to a full running server. Historical data up to the last backup saved allows you to go back in time and retrieve deleted files.

    Works with XVPS and WVPS platform VM servers
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